about me

Welcome to AmpsLab. Here’s a bit of history about myself.

I started out in my early 20s as a professional photographer servicing the advertising industry. 

By 1998, I had left the creative industry all together and I devoted myself to audio engineering full time. The first 10 years was dedicated to the study and design of power amplifiers (ampslab.com). Having acquired the knowledge, I then turned my attention to loudspeaker design.

In all my designs, I strive to get the best sound out of drivers that are affordable. Rarely do I use woofers or tweeters costing more than $100. In doing so, I hope it encourages more enthusiasts to build their own loudspeakers.

If you enjoy listening to music and have some basic skills in woodworking, building my loudspeakers will save you a tremendous amount. There’s no better way to express your creative talents than to DIY your own loudspeakers. 

Yours faithfully,
Michael Chua

michael chua