PSU20K – 28,000uF Power Supply Filter Caps

The PSU20K can accommodate 6 pieces of 4,700uF/63V capacitors. That’s a total of 28,200uF, an incredible amount for a chip amp. It can also accept 3,300uF/50V and even 2,200uF/50V for those that prefer to spend less. 

At the input is a bridge rectifier with an 8A rating. That is more than enough for the TDA7293MOD which this PSU20K is meant for. However, it is not exclusive to the TDA7293MOD. It can be used for other power amplifiers like the LM3886 and many others.. At the output of the PSU20K board is a bleeder resistor with an LED. When the LED lights up, it indicates the PSU is “Live”.

Overall, the PCB measures 5.5″ x 2.3″. This is as compact as I can make it. To have it smaller means less caps, not something I’m fond of. I like my power supply to be beefy.