Lark-SM by Noel McPherson


Hi Michael,

Attached is a sketch of my modified LARK speaker box, together with a photo of one of the unfinished speaker boxes. I’ve just run some music through it, and am impressed. I’ve used your crossover as well. I don’t have any testing gear – I think my ears are the only ones that have to be satisfied. I propose to finish in satin black lacquer. The black speaker adjacent is a re-finished 40 Y.O. Wharfedale w30d still going extremely well – all I have changed are the crossover capacitors. It is the standard by which I judge my speaker setups by.

If the speakers work as I expect, they will be mounted each side of our flat screen TV which is the same height.

Thanks for your design and input – I’ve enjoyed putting it together.

Kind regards,
Noel McPherson (Australia)