Robin-DX by Chris McDonald



I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving. We here in Toronto have just had our first few inches of snow. It seems early but they say that we will get lots of “precipitation” this winter.

The Robin DX worked out really well. It is amazing what a pair of drivers closely placed and in phase can do. I have been listening to 8″ full-range Fostex drivers for the past couple of years and this is so completely different. Thank you.

I am going to build your Crows with the Dayton 175 drivers, as I have them, and plan to use them as you suggest, as stands for some of the smaller full-range speakers that I have.

I also have the drivers for your Canary XT2 and I would appreciate the plans for those. I get the impression that they weren’t one of your favourites but I am sure that they will be a great improvement for one of my friends if I can get them done by Christmas….

Best regards,

Chris McDonald (Toronto, Canada)
Chef / Consultant / Author

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