Peerless FSL-1020R02-08 Review

Peerless FSL-1020R02-08
10″ Pro Woofer

Frequency Response in 45 liters Bass Reflex. Baffle Width=14-1/2″

Mic at 36 ins, On Axis • Impulse Window=5ms • No Smoothing applied

Blue plot = Nearfield

The Peerless FSL-1020R02 is a 10″ pro woofer by Tymphany. As with all pro drivers, sensitivity is paramount. According to the specs, the FSL-1020R02 is at 96.4dB at 2.83V/1m. 

In this exercise, my aim is to listen to the FSL-1020R02 without any crossover in place. This will give me an idea of the natural sound of this woofer. I loaded her into a 45 liters bass reflex box that I used for the Osprey-BR. The alignment is over-damped as shown below. A roll-off like this will suit microphones, which is what this woofer is meant for, “live” speech reinforcement. 

Peerless FSL-1020R02 in 45 liters Bass Reflex

I proceeded to play a variety of music, from predominately voices to with heavy bass tracks. The FSL-1020R02 surpassed my expectations. The extension in the FSL-1020R02 covers speech easily. More than that, there is no brittleness in the lower treble. Neither is there any boxiness. With my 45 liters box, there’ no audible baffle step. This is one woofer where the designers got it right. 

If you want a speaker just for voices only, the FSL-1020R02 can be used as is. There’s no need for a high frequency section. That would of course be a highly specialized speaker. Generally, we want a speaker to cover as much of the music spectrum as possible. A compression driver can be crossed at between 1.8kHz to 2kHz to extend the treble to 10kHz or more.

As for the bass, I found music sounded more natural with this over-damped alignment. With a maximally flat alignment, the bass sounds truncated. 

Peerless FSL-1020R02 in 20 liters Sealed Box

The FSL-1020R02 performs equally well in a sealed box. With a volume of only 20 liters, she is highly portable. This will be a godsend for DJs on the go. Elevate her with a pole from the subwoofer and cross the subwoofer anywhere from 250Hz to 350Hz with an electronic crossover and you’ll have a full bandwidth system.

This Peerless FSL-1020R02 has massive potential. Believe it or not, she can be used for hifi or home theater. Furthermore, she cost only $55. An incredible price for this level of performance.