Peerless 830869 Nomex Woofer Review

Peerless 830869
8″ HDS Nomex Woofer

Frequency Response in 20 liters Bass Reflex. Baffle Width=10-1/2″

Mic at 36 ins • Impulse Window=5ms • No Smoothing applied

Blue plot = Nearfield

Brown plot=Port Output. Port DIA=2″, L=6-1/2″

Bass Reflex Modeling

Peerless 830869 Impedance (20L BR)

830869 Bass – 120Hz 24dB/oct Low Pass

The Peerless 830869 is the 5th 8″ woofer that I’m reviewing. I installed her onto a 20 liters bass reflex, tuned with a slight bump as the other woofers. An electronic crossover divides the 830869 to the Swallow-TPC satellite which has her own passive crossover for the mid and high.

It is clear once I played some music that this 830869 is above the pack. Bass is punchier and the notes even have some texture. This was apparent in Donna Summer’s Stop, Look & Listen. And when I pumped up the volume, the 830869 was up to it. In fact, that’s when she showed what she is made of. She roared.

I think I’ve found the right loading for the 830869. In the Pelican, I had two units in a 60 liters ported box. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed. She just didn’t excite me. However, she is a totally different creature with this 20 liters ported box. Now her bass jumps out.


I auditioned the 830860 on her own, that is without the Swallow-TPC, and I like what I heard. The 830869 in a 20 liters ported box will definitely work in a 2-way. She extends all the way to 2kHz, making crossing to a tweeter or a compression driver/horn combo a breeze. Looks like I have an 8″ 2-way project coming up.