Silver Flute W20RC38-08 Wool Cone Woofer Review

Silver Flute W20RC38-08
8″ Wool Cone Woofer

Frequency Response in 24 liters Bass Reflex. Baffle Width=13-1/2″

Mic at 36 ins • Impulse Window=5ms • No Smoothing applied

Blue plot = Nearfield

Brown plot=Port Output. Port DIA=2″, L=6-1/2″

Bass Reflex Modeling

W20RC38-08 Bass

This is the 4th 8″ woofer that I’m reviewing. The first three are by Dayton. This W20RC38 is a Silver Flute with a cast frame whereas the Daytons are all stamped steel. As for the bass, I would rank the W20RC38 above the Dayton DS215. Not by much though. They do sound similar but the Silver Flute sounds more natural in that her bass is slightly deeper.

Price wise, they are very close. The W20RC38-08 is $43 from Madisound. The DS215-8 is $47. Actually. I’m quite surprised by the quality of the Silver Flute W28RC38-08 considering the low price. The Dayton cast frame equivalent, the RS225, is about $64. I have no idea how much better the RS225 is since I don’t have one. 


If I were to design an 8″ 2-way, this Silver Flute W20RC38-08 would be my first choice. I can cross her easily at 2kHz or even at 1.8kHz.