Dayton DS215-8 Designer Series Woofer Review

Dayton DS215-8
8″ Designer Series Woofer

Frequency Response in 20 liters Bass Reflex. Baffle Width=10-1/2″

Mic at 36 ins • Impulse Window=5ms • No Smoothing applied

Blue plot = Nearfield

Brown plot=Port Output. Port DIA=2″, L=2-3/4″

Bass Reflex Modeling

DS215-8 Bass

I hooked up the Dayton DS215 unit with the Swallow-TCP for this review. To speed things up, I used an active crossover for the DS215 and the Swallow-TPC. Frequency was set at 120Hz (24dB/oct) High and Low Pass.

I liked what I heard. The DS215 didn’t sound flabby. Bass was fairly tight. She didn’t have the control of more expensive woofers like Seas but her bass wasn’t a blurry mess. In fact, this DS215 bass sounds better than the 10″ Dayton DA270-8. That woofer has deeper bass but lacks the upper bass. If you’re into Home Theater, the DA270 is more suitable but for music, it’s the DS215.


It appears the DS215 can be used in a 2-way. The highest crossover frequency is about 1.5kHz. The problem with that is it severely limits the number of tweeters available. The easiest way out is to use the Fountek FR88EX, a 3″ full range driver. With that, you can cross anywhere from 125Hz to 350Hz. That’s an elegant solution.