Fountek NeoCD3.5H Ribbon Tweeter Review

Fountek NeoCD3.5H Review

It was in March 2019 that I first worked with the Fountek NeoCD3.5H ribbon tweeter. While the Orion and Orion2 designs met their objectives, I wasn’t too happy with the response of the NeoCD3.5H. I expected her to be flatter than what I got.

Fig 1 – Mounted in Box

The Black plot in Fig 1 is with the CD3.5H surface mounted onto the Orion box as shown in the top photo. The Blue plot is with her flush mounted. There’s a marginal improvement but the effects of baffle diffraction persisted.

Fig 2 – Top of Cabinet

The only option I was left with is to remove the CD3.5H and place her on top of the box. And what do you know, I got the flattest response I’ve ever seen (Fig 2). I can cross her at 2kHz and won’t need to worry about any unevenness in the treble. No baffle, no diffraction.

With this discovery, it opens up immense opportunities for new designs. Exciting projects to come.