Celestion TF1225 + Pioneer PD-40 Horn

Celestion TF1225 (12″ 250W RMS Pro Woofer)
Active Bi-amped

This Celestion TF1225 is the fourth 12″ pro woofer that I’m testing. I’ve never owned any Celestion before, so it’ll be interesting to see how this British made woofer fares against the Peerless FSL 1225R02-08 and the Dayton PA310. 

Fig 1 – Blue plot=Celestion TF1225 Low Pass  |  Red plot=PD40 High Pass  |  Black plot=Summed

Fig 1 is the Celestion TF1225 (Blue plot) with the Pioneer PD-40 horn (Red plot). Frequencies below 500Hz includes reflections in my room. Disregard the notch at 125Hz. That’s caused by a floor bounce. 

Fig 2 – Null response

The Violet plot in Fig 2 is the null response when I reversed the phase of the PD-40. This null is obtained by delaying the woofer. The sharpness and depth of the null indicates the TF1225 and the PD-40 are time-aligned.

Fig 3 – Summed Response

Fig 3 is the summed response of the TF1225 with the PD-40. Notice that I’m getting a bit more midrange with this TF1225.

Sound Quality of Celestion TF1225

When I first heard it, I said to myself “This is it. This is what I’m looking for. Crystal clear mids. Tight, punchy bass.”

The tonal balance is perfect. Vocals are slightly forward. Upper bass is loud enough and tight. No bloom in the bass. More importantly, the bass doesn’t bleed into the midrange.  

I am so delighted with this Celestion TF1225 that I will adopt it for both PA and Hi-Fi. It’s that good.

Unless otherwise stated, all measurements were made with the mic at 36 ins, tweeter axis. Impulse Window=5ms. No smoothing applied.
Peerless FSL 1225R02-08 mounted onto a 53 liters test box of 14-1/2″ width. Port Diameter=3″. Length=1-3/4″.