In the 80s

I was in my early twenties and earning a living as a commercial photographer. Over a period of fourteen years, I was shooting for well known advertising agencies in Singapore.

Back then, photography was more demanding. We did not have the luxury of digital technology and Photoshop to bail us out of a bad shoot. Everything must be recorded correctly on film. Composition, lighting, exposure. I shot exclusively with the Hasselblad ELM as the advertising agencies required a 120 format. For film, I standardized on Kodak Ektachrome Professional 64 (EPR64) for color and Kodak Plus-X for B/W. Even in 35mm and 4″x 5″ formats, the same two films are used.

My photo gallery is a small collection of my work. Most are on 35mm transparencies because they were for Annual Reports, Magazines or Travel assignments.  Enjoy.