Osprey-II by Vu



I have been listening to the Osprey II loudspeakers with great pleasue since July 2017 and really love the extremely musical sound. Vocal is just amazing. The parts used for the crossover are ClarityCap capacitors (ESA series for the woofer and PX series for the compression driver) and Van del Hul hook-up wire. As far as I recall, your design outperforms a similar commercial speaker from a European maker.

In the coming Spring 2018, I would like to build another pair from your designs. The new pair I have in mind is the Robin 2.5. The reason is I am a tube amp lover and look for the best-bang-for-the buck sound.

Thank you very much for sharing your designs to the DIY community, especially to those with a shallow pocket.

Associated Equipment:
DIY interconnects (Belden 8412). Belden 9497 speaker cable (bare wire) and Van Damme speaker cable.

Kind regards
Vu, Germany