MCM 55-2960 with Fountek FE85

MCM 55-2960 FOUNTEK FE85

MCM 55-2960 with Fountek FE85

This is an exploratory look at how well the MCM 55-2960 sounds like with a Fountek FE85. For those unfamiliar with the FE85, it is a 3″ full range driver. If these two integrate well, I can do away with the tweeter. This will reduce cost. One less driver with the associated crossover.

For convenience, I’m using the SuperMicro box but with the FE85 instead of the Tang Band W3-1364SA. I decided on the FE85 mainly due to the low price. It’s only $10.90 at Madisound. Together with the MCM 55-2960, which cost $15.21 at Newark, this is possibly the cheapest 8″ 2-way that I can come up with. Hopefully, the sound quality will not be compromised.

Readers would have noticed by now that there is a Peerless tweeter above the FE85. Presently, it is not connected. Only the FE85 and the 55-2960 are in use. The drivers are in a bi-amped, active setup, meaning an electronic crossover is used to divide the frequencies between the woofer and the full range. Crossover is Linkwitz Riley, 24dB/oct. Crossover frequency set at 1,200Hz.

Crossing the MCM 55-2960 with the Fountek FE85

Ported Box = 25 liters. Baffle Width = 13.5″mcm 55-2960 fountek fe85 CROSSOVERFig 1 – Frequency Response of MCM 55-2960 and Fountek FE85.
Mic at 36 ins, FE85 axis. Impulse Window=5ms. No Smoothing. Nearfield below 500Hz.

Summed Response of MCM 55-2960 with Fountek FE85
mcm 55-2960 fountek fe85 SUMMED RESPONSE

Fig 2 – Summed Response with FE85 wired in Reversed Phase.

Summed Response with Crossover Null
mcm 55-2960 fountek fe85 CROSSOVER NULL

Fig 3 – Summed Response with FE85 wired in Normal Phase.


I am excited that these two drivers combine exceptionally well. There’s some bass boost at 100Hz, which makes a lot of music more pleasant to listen to. Add to that the gentle downward slope towards the treble, a response of this nature is very relaxing to listen to. This speaker is an excellent choice to help you unwind after a hard day’s work.

I will build another enclosure so that both the MCM 55-2960 and the Fountek FE85 are on the front panel. This will have the benefit of shortening the center to center distance of the diver cones. After that, I will work on the passive crossover. From this initial test, there is every possibility that great music can be found at a ridiculously low cost. More to come.