MCM 55-2960 8″ Die Cast Woofer Thiele/Small


MCM 55-2960 Thiele & Small Parameters
MCM 55-2960 MCM TS

MCM 55-2960 RAW Frequency Response

Ported Box = 25 liters. Baffle Width = 13.5″
MCM 55-2960 RAW FREQUENCY RESPONSEMic at 36ins. On Axis. Impulse Window=5ms. No smoothing. Nearfield below 500Hz.

MCM 55-2960 Harmonic Distortion

Mic at 24ins. On Axis. Red=2nd Harmonics. Violet=3rd Harmonics.

MCM 55-2960 Measured Thiele & Small Parameters
MCM 55-2960 WOOFER

Sealed Box 20 liters. F3 = 60Hz, Q=1.5
MCM 55-2960 SEALED BOX 20L

Sealed Box 35 liters. F3=55Hz, Q=1.39
MCM 55-2960 SEALED BOX 35L

Sealed Box 75 liters. F3=52Hz, Q=1.29
MCM 55-2960 SEALED BOX 75L

Ported Box 25 liters. F3=55Hz
MCM 55-2960 PORTED 25L

May 23, 2018 – Preliminary Listening Test in 25 liters Ported Box. (Port Dia=2″. Length=6.50″)

No crossover is used. Audition with woofer in RAW state.
Mid-Bass (80Hz-125Hz) – Dynamic. Detail. Tight. No Bloom.
Low Bass (40Hz) – Audible. No Bloom.
Vocals (125Hz upwards) – Sounds Flat. No audible peaks.
Bass and Vocals Balance – Good. Bass doesn’t over-power voices.


Despite the widely different Thiele & Small Parameters, the MCM 55-2960 sounds perfectly fine.
Suitable for PA and even HiFi. Fantastic value for $15.21.