Peerless DFM-2535R00-08 Comp Driver Horns Compatibility

Peerless DFM-2535R00-08 Specifications: • 1″ exit Titanium Diaphragm • Mounting type: 2/4 Bolt M6 • Frequency Response: 1,500Hz-15,000Hz • Sensitivity: 107dB @ 2.83V/1M • Impedance: 8Ω • Weight: 2.25 lbs • Minimum Recommended Crossover: 1,500Hz @12dB/oct.
Evaluation Setup: Mic at 24 ins, horn axis • Impulse Window=5ms • No Smoothing • Sweep Signal with Bass Removed.

Peerless DFM-2535 with Dayton H812 • FaitalPro STH100 • DiySG SEOS-12 • Selenium HL14-25 PEERLESS DFM H812 STH100 SEOS12 HL1425

Peerless DFM-2535 with DiySG SEOS-8 • Pyle PH715 • B&C ME10
DFM25 EOS8 PH715 ME10

Peerless DFM-2535 with Dayton H10RW • H07E

DFM25 H10RW H07E

Peerless DFM-2535 with Pyle PH 565 • PH810 • PH612DFM25 PH565 PH612 PH810