B&C ME10 Hyperbolic Cosine Horn

B&C ME10 Hyperbolic Cosine Horn
90°H x60°V
B&C ME10 HornRAW Frequency Response with Selenium D220Ti, Dayton D250P and Pyle PDB512
The B&C ME-10 is a small horn measuring 5.1″x5.1″ only. Due to it’s “small” dimensions, it is an ideal candidate for smaller woofers. In fact, anything from 5-1/2″ to 10″ will fit nicely.

There are a few aspects which I find appealing with the ME-10. Firstly, it’s cheap. As of this time in writing, it’s about $12 at Parts Express. Cheap doesn’t mean rubbish where B&C is concerned. After running some tests with it, I am surprised at it’s performance. In accordance with B&C specs, the horn does indeed loads down to about 1.5kHz.  When matched with a Selenium D220Ti, it is exceptionally flat from 1.5kHz to 10kHz. No CDEQ is necessary as it is not a CD horn. After 10kHz, it rolls off linearly. That is through no fault of the ME-10. Most compression drivers exhibit this. If it needs to be extended to 15kHz flat, one can either EQ with an active equalizer ot use a super tweeter like the JBL 2402H.

Thinking aloud, I can see the ME-10 in speakers in pubs, restaurants and any other venues where long throw is not required. For the home, in slim profiled speakers for Home Theater systems and for quality music for the audiophile.