FaitalPRO STH100 horn + Radian 450PB

Radian 450PB with STH100 horn

In this next test, I’ve been waiting to see how well my favorite compression driver, a Radian 450PB, fares with the FaitalPRO STH100.

Fig 1 shows three plots of the Radian 450PB bolted to the STH100.

BLACK trace = RAW (no crossover)
RED trace = crossover at 1.5kHz (24dB/oct)
BLUE trace = crossover at 2kHz (24dB/oct)


(Fig 1) Vertical Scale = 5dB/DIV

1.5kHz (24dB/oct) with CDEQ

The Red trace in Fig 2 is with the Radian 450PB crossed at 1.5kHz (24dB/oct).

The Blue trace is with CDEQ on my electronic crossover activated. Now, the response is flat up to 9Khz.



(Fig 2) Radian 450PB/STH100 crossed at 1.5kHz

Summing with Dayton RS180S

Fig 3 shows the summing (Red trace) of the Dayton RS180S with the Radian 450PB/STH100. Electronic crossover set at 1.5kHz (24dB/oct) with CDEQ on.

No cancellation was observed on either side of the crossover, indicating that the acoustic centers of the RS180S and the Radian 450PB are almost aligned.


(Fig 3) Dayton RS180S crossed with Radian 450PB/STH100 at 1.5kHz (24dB/oct)

Radian 450PB in Reverse Phase

The Red trace in Fig 4 is of the Radian 450PB wired in reverse phase. As suspected, the tip of the notch is at the crossover frequency.

No delay is required as the acoustic centers are already aligned by chance.


(Fig 4) Radian 450PB wired in Reverse Phase