Super-Micro 2.1 and 3-way

Sep 28, 2016

Super Micro 2.1

Dayton SD215 Bandpass

I’m currently listening to the Super-Micros with the Dayton SD215A-88 DVC in a Bandpass Subwoofer.

I’ve tried different woofers in both sealed and bass reflex configurations but none can beat this Bandpass in definition and attack. No bloated bass, no bass notes overhang. Just clear, detailed bass. Wonderful.

This Dayton Bandpass Sub is actively driven. An electronic crossover is set at 250Hz (24dB/oct) to filter the low frequencies to the Bandpass. At 24dB/oct,  only bass emits from the bandpass port. Mids and highs are totally suppressed. This contributes to the clarity of vocals because there’s no smearing from the Bandpass Sub.

I’m enjoying every minute with this setup. This is one system I can live with. Cheap, yet very high sound quality. My kind of system.

My Thoughts

The Super-Micros have immense potential for business establishments like bars and restaurants. Since they are so tiny, they can be strategically placed around the establishment without affecting the interior decor.

I keep on seeing an active Super-Micro. A bi-amp version, with balanced inputs, active crossover and two power amps. My Synergy Kit fits the bill perfectly but the PCB is too large. I would like it to be simpler and smaller.

Oct 1, 2016

Super-Micro 3-way

HiVi M5a x2 Bass Reflex (28L)
The next test is with the Robin 2.5 (left tower). This time, I wanted to see how the two HiVi M5a sound like with the Super-Micro. The tweeter was disconnected and the two M5a were re-wired in parrallel. They were then driven by my own Bi240mk2 with the active crossover set at 125Hz (24dB/oct). The result? They blended in seamlessly.

Next, I ran the two M5a passively. The active electronic crossover was disconnected and in its place is a 12.8mH air core inductor. No issues running passive.

Tang Band W5-1685 Bass Reflex (25L)
Right Tower. Crossed active at 125Hz (24dB/oct).
Incredible bass detail. Excellent attack. Woofer very well controlled.

Oct 3, 2016

Peerless 830869 Bass Reflex (33L)
Crossed active 125Hz (24dB/oct). Excellent detail. Bass sounds “Bigger” due to 8″. Relaxing. Pleasant to listen to. 

Super-Micro 2.1

Super-Micros for commercial use.
Full Bandwidth models for Horizontal Placement (Wall and Ceiling mounts)